I am inspired by all that is wild & feral: Owls rising silently into the cold night sky at twilight, damp misty woods dripping into lush ferns & carpets of moss, fields of golden grass moving like waves in the ocean, the quickening of my pulse as the moon rises, your wild & feral soul. I weave the facets of myself into my work: artist, biologist, Priestess, wanderer. I hope to share with you a touch of the wild & magic. May you hear the call of the forest & step off the path into the wild unknown…
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Clan of the Moon Hare

Born to run through the fields dancing and gazing up at the full moon,
lost in the reverie of ecstatic luminosity.
Eyes bright and ears alert.
Keepers of the magic of the moon.

Primordial Clan

Born of water, colonizers of land.
Those who dwell in both worlds.
Creatures of two elements – earth and water.
Creatures of change and transformation.
Aquatic shapeshifters,
indicators of the health of our homeland,
breathing through porous skin that absorbs the essence of all that is around them.

TimeKeeper Clan

Masters of time and space.
Those who travel vast distances over (seemingly) eons.
Travelers and nomads,

Clan of the Winged Night

Discerning and seeing all
soaring proud over cricket filled meadows and dark woods.
Silent and deadly.
Keepers of balance.
Keepers of the twin gates of life and death

Moon Nectar Clan

Drinking in the nectar of the night.
Making love to the luminous white flowers reflecting the beauty of the moon above.

Clan of the Stag People

Born from a dream of running with the deer, through darkness and forest deep.
The herd, community,
led by he who stands as the watcher in the wood.
You who are born of the Clan of the Stag people, you are my tribe.