I am inspired by all that is wild & feral: Owls rising silently into the cold night sky at twilight, damp misty woods dripping into lush ferns & carpets of moss, fields of golden grass moving like waves in the ocean, the quickening of my pulse as the moon rises, your wild & feral soul. I weave the facets of myself into my work: artist, biologist, Priestess, wanderer. I hope to share with you a touch of the wild & magic. May you hear the call of the forest & step off the path into the wild unknown…
FERAL PRIESTESS | Through the wood
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Through the wood

horsetail & hemlock

Through the wood

miner's lettuce nature blog forest

stinging nettle, wildcrafting, herbal medicine, herb garden, hedge witch


salmon berry

Walking through the wood in spring, feeling the pull to step off the path and be swept away into the life of the forest.  I’ve been seeing the emergence of some of my favorite wild edibles & medicinals:  miner’s lettuce & stinging nettle carpeting the paths, frothy elder berry blossoms enticing bees, horsetail standing tall, salmon berry blossoms promising summer sweetness.  Nettle & bone broth soup has been nourishing me & energizing me for the frantic energy of spring.

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