I am inspired by all that is wild & feral: Owls rising silently into the cold night sky at twilight, damp misty woods dripping into lush ferns & carpets of moss, fields of golden grass moving like waves in the ocean, the quickening of my pulse as the moon rises, your wild & feral soul. I weave the facets of myself into my work: artist, biologist, Priestess, wanderer. I hope to share with you a touch of the wild & magic. May you hear the call of the forest & step off the path into the wild unknown…
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Hail spring in all her fickle glory.  She’s exploded into being here only to be blazing hot for weeks and surprising us with hail & cold pelting rain.  The fruit trees are bursting into bloom, the birds are laying (and hiding) eggs like crazy, and all my flowers are in early bloom after the ridiculously warm winter we’ve had here in Northern California.  I may even get strawberries in April…

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